We have solicited manufacturers to list their demo systems as well as units they may have taken in as a trade.  Some no longer have a need or desire to use it.  Some have purchased the wrong equipment for their intended purpose.  And quite frankly, some have purchased equipment that was either not efficient or did not work as they had hoped.  This is a venue for those wanting to sell their sodablast equipment as well as a marketplace for those looking to but used soda blasting equipment.  If you have any questions, please email us at the following:


We have sold them all!

Top of the line used Stripco® Mobile Soda Blasters, MMLJ / Soda Blast Systems / SBS / Sanstorm / Dustless Blasters ARMEX® Accustrip Blaster and Sodaworks Buster Blaster Pots

Used Sodablasters for Sale


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